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22 границ между странами, которые разрушают все стереотипы

Государственная граница — обычно это вооруженные до зубов пограничники, натасканные овчарки, колючая проволока и строгий паспортный контроль. Но не все так однозначно! Между многими странами граница — чисто символическая линия, проходящая по тротуару или разделяющая вдоль проселочную дорогу.


#1 Residents Of Naco, Arizona And Naco, Mexico Play Volleyball Match Over Fence Between USA And Mexico



#2 Slovakia, Austria And Hungary



#3 Norway And Sweden



#4 Netherlands And Belgium



#5 Haiti And The Dominican Republic, Distinguished By Their Radically Different Environmental Protection Laws



#6 Australia And Everywhere



#7 Poland And Ukraine



#8 Zipline Connects Spain And Portugal



#9 USA And Mexico



#10 Argentina, Brazil And Paraguay



#11 Macau Drives On The Left Side Of The Road, Mainland China Drives On The Right, So This Is What They Do At The Border



#12 Bolivia And Brasil



#13 USA And Mexico



#14 Denmark And Sweden



#15 Sweden And Norway



#16 Point Where Borders Of Germany, The Netherlands And Belgium Converge Near City Of Aachen



#17 The Woman At Right Is Standing In The Lithuanian Village Of Norviliskes To Speak With Her Belarusian Relatives Across The Fence On The Border Between Belarus And Lithuania



#18 Usa And Canada



#19 Germany And Czech Republic Showcase Two Different Approaches To Bark Beetle Infestation - Silvicultural Intervention Vs. Intentional Neglect



#20 Spain And Portugal



#21 Egypt And Israel



#22 German And Poland And Czech


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22 границ между странами, которые разрушают все стереотипы

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