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Countries You Picture Wrong Vs. Reality

Anyone who's watched television or movies or even checked out a meme or two in the last decade will see that the same tired stereotypes are being pushed around. Naturally, some people just sort of accept these things as true without a second thought.


Most of us pictures Kenya as a wild or impoverished land


But in reality Kenya is a modern state with bustling cities and a capital home to over 3 million people



 When you travel to London, don't ever call this tower BIG BEN. The tower itself called Elizabeth Tower.

Souce: flickr


THIS is Big Ben. Big Ben is the name given to the bell inside the Elizabeth Tower.

Source: flickr


They Drink obscene amounts of tea in England!


Ireland drinks more (~5 punds/year) but Turkey tops the list (~7 punds)



Myth: Madagascar is all jungle and primitive tribes.


Reality: It has a thriving economy with its own airlines, 5 star hotels, The capital city of Antananarivo has a population of 1.4 million.



Antarctica is not completely covered with ice and snow. ( Lake Vanda )

 Lake Vanda



Myth: Siberia is a frozen wasteland.

Source: flickr


Reality: Parts of Siberia have beautiful summers. Novosibirsk reached 87.7 degrees F (31 C) last June.

Source: anatoly


Myth: Africa is a country.

It's not as though people don't know that Africa is a continent not a country. The problem is that people make sweeping generalizations about Africa. Whereas most people in the Global North have a clear idea about the differences between Germany and Italy, African nations often get painted with the same brush. In fact there are 54 different African nations all with different cultures, ethnicities, and economic statuses.

Countries You Picture Wrong Vs. Reality

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