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Armenia to Have The World’s Longest Zip-Line

Armenia will have the world’s longest zip-line, which is planned to be constructed in Yenokavan village.

Yell Extreme Park is located in Yenokavan village (Tavush region) - South to Yerevan, Capital of Armenia. It's two hour drive from Yerevan and two and half from Tbilisi, Capital of Georgia. Actually, the population of community is 612 people. Mostly, they are engaged in cattle and agriculture.


The territory is mainly mountainous and rocky hillsides covered with a green carpet of Alpine meadows, which ensures perfect conditions for the development of eco and adventure tourism in Yenokavan. Tavush is sometimes reffered to us as a little Armenian Switzerland.

Zip-line with the length of 2.7 km: The duration of flight will be maximum of 3 minutes and the speed of 120 km/h.

The harness: The Super Ripper will allow to fly head first down and will keep safe.

Pricing: Individual fee for Longest Zip-line is $60. But if you get your ticket in advance via Indiegogo you will get 50% discount – one price for 2 tickets.

Yell Extreme Park also offers: Paragliding, Horseback Riding, Rope Park, Off-road Driving, Mountain Biking, Paintball, Rest Area


You can support this project via indiegogo
Source: yellextremepark
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