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10 Must See Places in Iceland

The location of Iceland at the famous edge of the arctic circle and its setting at one of the most active volcano spots makes the tourism industry even popular than it was ever before. It is currently one of the most impressive places of Europe. Let’s find out what are the must visit places in Iceland that you must check.


#1 Blue Lagoon

Image Source: Zokuga

This geothermal spa offers one of the most relaxing bathing experiences than you can ever have elsewhere. Once can simply not visit Iceland without taking a dip in the waters of Blue Lagoon and relaxing themselves at the spa. You will definitely need this after a full day of hiking.


#2 Glacier Lagoon

Image Source: Modesrodriguez

One does not simply get a chance to visit a lake filled with glaciers and large icebergs just floating around. The Glacier Lagoon is your place to be no matter what time of the year it is. During the summers you can come here and take a boat tour around the lagoon, you might as well get lucky to see the seals swimming in the water too.


#3 Landmannalaugar

Image Source: Mariejirousek

Pack your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure. If you are a hiking enthusiast then this is your place to be. Spend a full day hiking at this breathtaking attraction that gives you a chance to see the colors of landscape in real as if they were from a painting.


#4 Golden Circle

Image Source: Vmoschetti

For those who are short on time, the Golden Circle trip is a must do for them to capture the natural Iceland beauty. It is one of the most popular tourist routes.


#5 Geysers

Image Source: Olya

Lots of thermal pools, underground springs and geysers can be found due to the volcanic activities underneath the surface that makes it pretty exciting for the tourists to experience a powerful hot stream shooting from the ground.


#6 Gjain

Image Source: Mariejirousek

Gjain is no doubt one of the most beautiful places in Iceland, it is in fact a hidden Iceland gem. Once you arrive at this beauty you will feel as if it were a fairytale. Definitely a place for picnic after a tiring day of exploring Iceland.


#7 South Coast

Image Source: Aigle_dore

South coast is your place to be if you are looking for an unforgettable trip in Iceland. The waterfalls and the black sandy beaches will keep you in constant awe throughout the trip. Make sure you have carried lots of snacks and rain gear because you never know when a storm will arrive.


#8 Reykjavik

Image Source: Anieto2k

Head over to Reykjavik, a capital city of Iceland for a one day trip to learn more about the place. One shouldn’t go back home without planning an itinerary in this small city.


#9 Gullfoss Waterfall

Image Source: chrisschoenbohm

No wonder Iceland is all about water that makes it a petty exciting place to visit. The Gullfoss Waterfall is one of the most popular attractions of the country. There are no rails just natural surroundings around the waterfall.


 #10 Skaftafell

Image Source: 99751138

This area is among those places that have some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. Skaftafell is surrounded by mountains, glaciers and rivers. You are going to love this place especially if you are here on a hike as you get to explore this beauty.

Head Image Source: jixxer
10 Must See Places in Iceland

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