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7 Travel Accessories That Can Make Your Next Trip Easier

Money belts, travel wallets and even waterproof cameras are common travel accessories that almost every traveller should have. But these cool travel gadgets and accessories below are definitely worth a look (or buy!) if you truly want your next trip to be easier and hassle free.


#1 Mini-Charger

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This mini-charger, available on Amazon for $14, is the size of a small candy bar and can fit easily into your pocket. When fully charged, this small but powerful gadget can add almost two charges worth of juice to your iPhone7 or 6s. It can also add up to one full charge to your iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7, or Nexus 6p as well as other smartphones. Perfect for flights and airports that don’t have charging stations, this little guy will make sure you never drop below 20% again.


#2 Water Purifying Tube

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Buying water on your travel is one of the most easily avoidable expenses. While you can refill your bottle (suggested above) with drinking water from time to time, not all tap waters are safe to drink. If you are travelling to a place where you are not sure about the water-quality, you can purchase this tube and insert it into your water bottle/glass.Eliminating waterborne bacteria, this tube makes your water safe to drink. Get a tube that doubles up as a straw and you can use it to drink water directly from a stream. Perfect for campers & hikers!


#3 4-in-1 Travel Adapter

As useful as it is cute, this brightly colored pack of 4 adapters covers all your power needs in 150 countries. Best of all, they are color-coded by country and continent so you know where each can be used.


#4 Waterproof Cell Phone Case

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With a secure snap lock system, it allows you to submerge your device up to 100 feet deep without worrying about water damage. The case features crystal clear window on both sides, allowing you to take pictures or videos, checking your emails and all other touch screen functions whether you are swimming, fishing, boating or having water funs.


#5 IconSpeak Travel Shirt

 Image Source: Iconspeak

IconSpeak is a useful T-shirt printed with 40 universal icons, perfect for those occasions when you don’t speak the local language.


#6 Ear Plug

Do we even need to tell you the importance of carrying an ear plug along with you? Your companion when you are lonely, or when you are surrounded by too much noise, ear plug is there to make your journey better. Plus, it’s sometimes great to ponder over your own thoughts while taking a walk out in the open.


#7 Waterproof Backpack

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This is the perfect waterproof backpack for any active person who wants to bring their belongings along with them during any adventure. The backpack is 100% waterproof and is one of a kind, because of its handy purge valve.

7 Travel Accessories That Can Make Your Next Trip Easier

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