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Top 5 Places To Skydive Around The Globe

Stretching your hands wide, flying like eagle. Jumping from high heights trying daredevil stunts! Skydiving will definitely give you butterflies in your stomach. Here are list of ‘Top 5 Places To Skydive Around The Globe’.  Trying these daredevil stunt will surely enthrall you to fullest.


Switzerland, Interlaken

Image Source: Balmers

This place continues to rank on top position with picturesque view on drop. This place holds long history of sky-diving. The view of France, Germany, Italy and Austria can be felt through the stretch of snow-clad peaks of Jungfrau and Matterhorn. You can also book your dive online for just $400 USD with no extra fee or hidden cost.


New Zealand, Fox Glacier

Image Source: skydivefox

Landing on this place for sky-diving will make you realize what an extreme sport sky-diving is? The beautiful landscape surrounding you while reaching ground level, will arguably make you feel delighted. Fox Glacier is favorite spot of tourist spread wide 8-mile long located on Westland Tai Poutini National Park.


Thailand, Pattaya

Image Source: bemyguest

This is only spot of sky-diving in Asia which offers full-time drop. The Nong Kho Reservoir near Pattaya at Thailand is famous spot for Adventure lovers. This is dream place for sky-diving fanatics. The hair-raising experience will be memorable, stretching your wide arms and flying high over lush greenery and landing safely with support from drop zone. This place has become famous over years as tourist spot. If you are thinking Thai massage and Thai curry are only things that makes your trip fantabulous, then you are landing on wrong track. The sky-diving fun is unmatchable and unarguably best.


Dubai, Palm Jumeirah

Image Source: YouTube

Dubai is no more behind in travel adventure. The newcomer in sky-diving are trying their level best to get a descent position on top sky-diving places. The EAF- Emirates Aero soft Association and skydive Dubai have created Dubai a good drop zone. Fly in at Palm Jumeirah and feel pleasure of fly high and land soft.


Nepal, Everest

Image Source: Globalangels

Jumping from highest peak touch soft cold breeze, fly like a free bird. But you must be bit lucky to grab this opportunity. Only four diving trips are organised in whole year. Early bird booking will have to pay $1000 while booking three months prior you have to shade off $14,000 USD. The price itself will give you feel of sky-dive!

Preview Image Source: Rotaryeclubwest
Top 5 Places To Skydive Around The Globe

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