Sat, Dec 10, 2016  

Photographer Captures Fog Waves That Look Completely Unreal

For the last 8 years, self-professed ‘fogaholic’ Nicholas Steinberg has been photographing fog around the San Francisco Bay area (an ideal location for a fogaholic!).

During the summer months, Steinberg says the fog gets too high to shoot in the bay area so he has to seek higher ground to get his fix. This has led to frequent hikes up Mount Tamalpais which sits at an elevation of 2,576 ft (785 m).

It was at the top of Tamalpais that Nick discovered “fog waves”. On Bored Panda, Steinberg explains:

What I discovered from hundreds of trips up there is, when the fog rolls through and is at the perfect height and density, it will create wave-like movements as it contours the land. This is where I coined the term “Fog Waves” as it literally looks like waves that resemble the ocean.
I found that when playing around and experimenting with different shutter speeds in my camera it would either freeze the movement or accentuate the flow and make it more buttery and smooth. This is all done “In camera” and not photoshopped. I do this by putting on dark filters known as ND or Neutral Density filters that trick the camera into thinking it’s night time, forcing a longer shutter speed. Doing this is how I am able to get these smooth effects and sometimes I shoot up to 2 minutes depending on the flow. Too long and it can turn to mush and too short will be too textured.”


Photographer Captures Fog Waves That Look Completely Unreal

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