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The 10 Most Magical Christmas Destinations

Is it too early to start talking about Christmas? Not if you want to secure an amazing trip to one of most enchanting winter wonderlands. The only question is: where should you spend the big day? Check out our list of The 10 Most Magical Christmas Destinations


#1 New York City, USA

Image Source: Anthony Quintano

Rockefeller Center lies at the core of the New York. Its famed ice rink has been around for 78 years, the decorated tree is an 81-year-old tradition.


#2 Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: Unknown

Bright Christmas lights, elaborate nativity scenes, lovely almond sweets, and time-honored traditions – all wrapped in a festive atmosphere. This is how they celebrate Christmas in Spain, a time full of family gatherings, joy, and peculiar local customs, most of them utterly enchanting, others pretty unusual, but all memorable and deeply rooted in the Spanish culture.


#3 Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Image Source: JP Toivonen

The village enters Arctic Circle and its guests not only get to experience a true winter, but to visit Santa Claus himself. There are various restaurants and themed shops in the village, but still the main attraction is the opportunity to chat and take a picture with Santa.


#4 Quebec City, Canada

Image Source: Emmanuel Huybrechts

Lit-up cobblestone streets, 16th- and 17th-century stone houses, and lots and lots of snow make Quebec’s 400-year-old walled city an atmospheric and European-like place to be at Christmas. The local good cheer and great food could make even a skeptic love winter after all.


#5 Strasbourg, France

Image Source: Andree & Edward

Strasbourg's series of themed Christmas villages morph the city into a visual and gastronomic wonderland.Visitors can head to the Village of Alsace Farmhouse to taste prune, apricot and other holiday-inspired variations of farm-fresh foie gras.The nearby Village of Bredle is supplied with its namesake traditional Christmas biscuits and copious amounts of mulled Alsatian wine.


#6 Las Vegas, USA

Image Source: TypeMirai

The city of entertainment knows how to celebrate. The whole city becomes like a Christmas display during December. All the hotels gets decorated and the Christmas display in Bellagio is especially beautiful. As well as the famous fountains, that dance to the holiday carols at this time of the year.


#7 Tokyo, Japan

Image Source: Manish Prabhune

Japan is famous for the mesmerizing Christmas lights. Although not Christians, Japanese managed to recreate the spirit of this holiday. The shopping malls compete, which will make a bigger and better Christmas display. And the Starlight Garden in the Midtown is covered with thousands of lights.


#8 Paris, France

Image Source: Loïc Lagarde

The city of love gets filled with romance during Christmas time as well. The streets and boulevards shimmer with the strings of lights, the Eiffel Tower becomes more beautiful than ever, the skating rink next to it attracts in the evenings – chic, intimate and very Parisian.


#9 Cologne, Germany

Image Source: Daisy.r

The hometown of mulled wine, Cologne is famous for the numerous Christmas markets. A beautiful Christmas tree is posited next to the remarkable cathedral and the air gets filled with the tasty scent of German delicatessen.


#10 Sydney, Australia

Image Source: Florian Rohart

From interactive Christmas choir in Pitt Street Mall, Christmas projections on the walls of Sydney Town Hall, to the amazing decorations in the Queen Victoria Building – the city manages to create a magical Christmas spirit, though it is summer in this part of the world.


Preview Image Source: Justin Brown
The 10 Most Magical Christmas Destinations

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