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What Can You Eat for $30 Dollars in Different Countries Around The World ?

When we travel, before we visit some foreign country we want to know how much money we are going to spend in advance. And most of that money usually are spent on food, especially if you like eating in a restaurants.



Switzerland is considered as one of the most expensive countries in Europe for eating, and this is the only thing that you can order for $30 dollars.




Culinary tourism is currently prospering in Japan because the food here is not very spicy and is acceptable for both Eastern and Western tourists. In addition, many restaurants here have at least one Michelin star. The most prominent cuisine is certainly the local seafood.




Italian cuisine is considered as one of the best, but if you want to eat rich will have to find some hidden café with small tables and red and white tablecloths on them.




France is well known gastronomic country, where prices from restaurant to restaurant can be vary. You can find restaurants where the prices are sky high and you can not even imagine to sit down, and you can find a local restaurant where you can easily order a glass of wine, salad and entree.




In Spain you can find many cheap restaurants where you can taste traditional food and enjoy the wine.




Greece welcomes its guests with one of the most ancient and exquisite cuisines in the world. Local restaurants and taverns will become a veritable discovery for you: the prices here are rather low, especially in the south and in areas not frequented by tourists, while helpings are large.




Prices in cheap Mexican restaurants (those removed from tourist attractions) are quite low and very much different from European ones. For $30, you can order any of the famous spiced meat dishes — and not just one helping of them either.




In India for $30 you can feed up to 10 persons, it is considered as one of the cheapest countries in the world, where you can eat a lot and fill up for a very little money.



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