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The world’s first Floating Seahorse born on 15th December!

Dubai — the place which doesn't cease to surprise and blow the mind. The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, an administrative center of the Emirate of Dubai, the most important shopping and financial center of the United Arab Emirates and all Middle East, this place seems the embodiment of the most unknown design imaginations and courageous architectural plans.

Also it would seem, well with what else it is possible to surprise the experienced tourist? And so it, be surprised: there the next ambitious and promising project started — construction of a complex of magnificent floating country houses which will be half hidden under water has begun.

Photo credit: Thoe




Each villa has three floors, two of which are over water and one — under its thickness





On the top floor the smart recreation area is located



The average floor which is on water level — a residential zone with a drawing room and kitchen



Bedroom and bathroom — on the first floor which is under water


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