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10 Borders Between Countries That Shatter All Stereotypes

Whenever we hear ’state boarder’ we normally imagine guards, armed to the teeth, well-trained dogs, barbed wire and strict passport control. Well, it isn’t always so! Apparently, a border between many countries, is just a symbolic line passing through a sidewalk or a countryside road.


#10 Germany — Czech Republic

Photo Source: abload

This majestic sight is a border between Germany and Czech Republic. The view is simply breathtaking!


#9 Norway — Sweden

Photo Source: sooziq

This slope is at the border between Norway and Sweden.


#8 Poland — Ukraine

Photo Source: novostey

This giant fish ’trespassing’ the border between Poland and Ukraine symbolizes the national boundary between these countries. Creator — Polish artist Jarosław Koziara.


#7 Sweden — Finland

Photo Source: imgur

You can even play golf on the Finnish-Swedish border.


#6 Canada — United States

Photo Source: uainfo

The border between Canada and United States passes through a town called Derby Line — right through the buildings.


#5 Belgium — Netherlands

Photo Source: wikimedia

You can enter a cafe in the Netherlands and leave it in Belgium.


#4 Nepal — China

Photo Source: tourprestige

The border between Nepal and China passes directly over Everest.


#3 Germany — Netherlands

Photo Source: synduimages

The border between Germany and the Netherlands is marked with a metal strip in the Eurode business center. Although the mailboxes are on both sides of the border, letters reach their recipients only a week later.


#2 Russia — United States

Photo Source: Ira Block

This is an island between Russia and the United States. The island is only 35 km away from both Chukotka and Alaska. Despite this, the difference in time is 21 hours.


#1 China — Mongolia

Photo Source: asiarussia

There is absolutely nothing extraordinary on the border between China and Mongolia. Just two kissing dinosaurs.

10 Borders Between Countries That Shatter All Stereotypes

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