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25 Most Delicious Foods From Different Countries Around The World

Prepare to start drooling! This is a colorful list of delicious meals, dishes, desserts from around the world. This food is going to make you dream of visiting the country where it’s from. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

In this list you won't see Burger, Sushi, Pizza etc.


#1 Chinese Cuisine - Peking duck

Photo Source: Vxla/Flickr


#2 Chinese Cuisine - Dumplings (jiǎo zi)

Photo Source: Unknown (no original source)


 #3 Georgian Cuisine (not U.S. state) - Khinkali

Photo Source: flickr/leonio


#4 Armenian Cuisine - Dolma

Photo Source: Unknown


#5 Armenian Cuisine - Basturma and Sudjukh

Photo Source: Unknown


#6 Greek cuisine - Souvlaki

Photo Source:  Megan Leahy


#7 Greek Cuisine - Saganaki

Photo Source:  (no original link)


#8 Russian cuisine  - Pelmeni

Photo Source:  Wikipedia


#9 Ukrainian Cuisine - Borscht

Photo Source:


 #10 Vietnamese Cuisine - Gỏi cuốn (Nem)

Photo Source: Wikipedia


#11 Spanish cuisine  - Paella

Photo Source: Wikipedia


 #12 Canadian cuisine - Poutine

Photo Source:


#13 Mexican Cuisine - Flautas

Photo Source:


#14 Korean cuisine - Bulgogi

Photo Source:  Linda Xiao



#15 Middle Eastern Cuisine - Falafel

Photo Source:


#16 Turkish Cuisine - İskender Kebap

Photo Source: Unknown


#17 Middle Eastern Cuisine - Tabbouleh

Photo Source:  Vicky Wasik


#18 Indian Cuisine - Ladoo

Photo Source: Unknown


#19 Armenian Cuisine - Khorovats

Photo Source: Unknown


#20 Brazilian Cuisine - Churrasco Picanha

Photo Source:


#21 Spanish and Portuguese Cuisine - Jamon Iberico

Photo Source:



#22 Cuisine of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore - Laksa

Photo Source:  Inga Ting (No link)


#23 Italian Cuisine - Lasagna

Photo Source:


#24 Georgian Cuisine (not U.S. state) - Atchma

Photo Source: Unknown


#25 Fried Oreos - Place of origin: United States

Photo Source:


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