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Cinematic Tourism: 10 most famous movie locations

You don't need to take a movie tour to check out where some of the most well-known movies of all time were filmed.

On this list of 10 most famous movie locations, you may discover that your hometown is near a historical filming site. After all, even if your favorite movie is set in a fantasy world, its filming process took place in a real-life locale. Film crews travel from deserts to tropics to capture the right scene.

Below, we've found a few famous spots from some of our favorite movies and TV Shows.


1. «Star Wars» - Villa del Balbianello, Como, Italy



2. «Game of Thrones» - Grjótagjá cave, Iceland


3. «The Lord of the Rings» - Wellington. New Zealand





4. «Thor: The Dark World» - London Underground



5. «Harry Potter» - Gloucester Cathedral, England



6. Sherlock - Hospital St Pancras, London



7. «Game of Thrones» - Tollymore Park Forest, Northern Ireland



8. Doctor Who - Dunraven Bay, Wales



9. «Pirates of the Caribbean» - Greenwich Hospital, London



10. «The Avengers» - New York, USA


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