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20 Sculptures That Defy Gravity

Human imagination is limitless, and it is what drives artists around the world to create unbelievable sculptures. Some of these creations defy logic and the laws of physics. They float in the air, hang upside down, or keep their balance thanks to some mysterious contraptions. You can only imagine what kind of effort and talent and what sharpness of senses is behind every such work of art.


1. Flying stones, Cairo

Photo Source: talkingbeautifulstuff


2. Balance

Photo Source: jerzykedziora


3. Incline

Photo Source: emilalzamora


4. Boy With A Dolphin, Chelsea

Photo Source: chooseyourdesigns


5. Stairway to Heaven, New Zealand

Photo Source: © Michael Blair


6. A Giant Crane, Winterthur, Switzerland

Photo Source: © Bill Liao


7. Giant Clothespin - Liege, Belgium

Photo Source: paperwhales


8. Gerry Judah Porsche 911

Photo Source:


9. Floating elephant

Photo Source:


10. Upside-down car - London

Photo Source: thecreatorsprojectn


11. Surreal Floating Room by Leandro Erlich - Nantes, France

Photo Source: leandroerlich


12. Sand sculpture

Photo Source: © Matt Kaliner


13. Suspended - by Menashe Kadishman, Storm King Art Center, New York

Photo Source: myraganella


14. Gulliver’s handkerchief, New Zealand

Photo Source: neildawson


15. Unusual table

Photo Source: cattelanitalia


16. Jaguar E-Type Sculpture, West Sussex, UK

Photo Source: hjudah


17. A football player, New Zealand

Photo Source: karen


18. Soaring steel ball, Australia

Photo Source: sculpturebythesea


19. A wind-balancing acrobat, UAE

Photo Source: facebook


20. The king and queen, UAE

Photo Source: jerzykedziora
20 Sculptures That Defy Gravity

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