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Project 'Know Where You Stand'

A self-taught American photographer Seth Taras blends  past and present into incredible time-travel pictures. Seth put together pictures of major historical events with shots of modern day locations giving an amazing oppurtunity to see what it’s like then and now. Seth is one of Luerzer’s Archives 200 Best Photographers Worldwide.‘Know Where You Stand‘ campaign won him a Cannes Lion, and was translated into 30 languages and published in 130 countries.


Adolf Hitler touring Paris and standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in 1940:


On the Strasse des siebzehnten Juni, Berlin 1989/2004:


Saint-Laurent-sur-Mec, Normandy, France 1944/2004:


“Cherbourg, avenue de Paris, ancient Poste de Police, jardin Public.”:


Saint-Laurent-sur-Mec, Normandy, France 1944/2004:


Source: Sethtaras
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