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The Essential Travel Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona is full of incredible architecture, fantastic cuisine and plenty of things to do. That is why the capital city of the Catalonia region is one of Spain’s top travel destinations. Whether you’re in the mood to explore the beautiful surroundings, test out some awesome Catalan phrases, or just want to be prepared for your trip, here is an essential travel guide to Barcelona to help you plan your getaway.


Where to Go?


Park Guell


La Sagrada Familia


Columbus Monument


Montjuic Castle


Arc de Triomf


What to Eat?


Pa Amb Tomaquet

Toasted bread with garlic, olive oil and fresh tomatoes


Patates Braves

Patates BravesPotatoes with spicy sauce


Cargols a La Llauna

Snails traditionally cooked on a tin surface



Thin noodles with seafood and vegetables


What to Say ?


Hola - Hello

Adeu - Goodbye

Si us plau - Please

Gracies - Thank You

On es...? - Where is...?

Quant costa aixo? - How much is this?

The Essential Travel Guide to Barcelona

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