Sun, Dec 25, 2016  

A Mysterious Rotating Island, Called The Eye, Has Been Found In Argentina

In the marshy lands of Parana Delta, near the north-eastern edge of Argentina, lies a mysterious island that apparently rotates on its own axis. The mystic little piece of land, nicknamed "The Eye", is oddly shaped like a perfect circle. Such is the enigma of this land that it has become the subject of a documentary.

The rotating piece of land was discovered nine months ago by Argentine filmmaker Sergio Neuspillerm, who was doing a recce of the area for a film on paranormal occurrences. After spotting the round piece of land that surrounded by an equally round mass of water on Google Earth, Sergio and his team were apparently so intrigued by what they had stumbled upon, they decided to dump their original film project and unravel the mystery that shrouds this land instead.


It's not a new thing either. The Eye has been visible on Google Maps ( 34°15’07.8’S 58°49’47.4″W) for the last decade but no one paid any attention to it. Now that a movie on it has been announced, people are losing the plot over it coming up with all sorts of explanations. Some have even called it an alien base, but we won't go that far, would we?


A Mysterious Rotating Island, Called The Eye, Has Been Found…

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